Cupcakes & Minicakes

>> Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This post is long overdue....

I had the pleasure of making the above minicakes and cupcakes below for a special lady called Syikah.
She is the representative for her office and was ordering this for 3 people. The birthday boy ordered Ultraman cupcakes, one birthday girl ordered princess cupcakes and the other girl ordered minicakes for her girlfriend.

Feedback? All the recipients were over the heels with their birthday presents..


The Deuter Haversack Cake

>> Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I received a call one night(Tuesday) asking for a last minute cake hantaran order to be delivered on Friday... I accepted.

The next morning, I received another phonecall pleading to do a Deuter Haversack Cake Bag instead... the groom wanted this or nothing else.... It would have been fine if I was free that day but I wasn't ... I had appointments back to back the whole day that Wednesday and half of Thursday. So I had only Thursday afternoon and the whole Thursday night -- it means no sleep for me. I declined at first but eventually gave in to the  pleas.

This is my first time doing such a bag.... after lots of trials and errors and remaking.... here it is. It is 12" high and Im happy to say that the bag lasted the journey from my house to the groom's house ... still standing tall..  

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