Crazy but we all did it !!!!

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

I always do this --- agree to something almost unthinkable then when reality sets in, even my little toes shake.

I agree to do an initial 700 mini cakes and a 3 tier pillow wedding cake. The number increased to 800 after much plea from the bride.

And so the mission impossible month before the deadline -- 19th Feb 2010

Thanks to Kak Yom, I managed to get the plastic containers for the mini cakes -- they were a perfect fit for the look the bride wanted... thanks again, Kak Yom.

Then I persuaded my husband to drive over 400km away to the north to plea with the manufacturers to make 50 of the mini cake tins..I had aso persuaded another manufacturer friend over 300km to the south to make the other 50.. so eventually I managed to get 100 of the mini cake tins...

The actual countdown began a fortnight before ....worked out the size of the ribbon bouquet.. then the length of the individual loops..all in all 17 loops.

for a complete ribbon bouquet.. multiply that by 800 bouquet .....we had to cut thousands of ribbon lengths to cut and make into loops....... in between we had to go around gathering the ingredients and because of the huge quantity of gumpaste and the fondant needed, it only made sense that we buy in bulk.. but we overlooked the fact that it was approaching Chinese New Year and that the price of sugar had just gone through the roof, sugar suddenly became almost gold.. Numerous calls to friends and suppliers were made before we got what we needed.... 80 kilograms of icing sugar... 40kilograms of caster sugar... But being me, I forgot one of the most important thing -- Royal Blue colour paste.... remembered it at the time when the supply shops were already closed for the longgggg holiday...went around asking friends who may have the colour.. Adlina and Lai lai came to the rescue .. enough to start with..

At the end of the first week, the three of us (my husband, our sole employee and me) managed to make only 400 white ribbon bouquet and then the last Monday came and we had to start with the fondant making and the baking... the REAL nightmare began...

With the fondant making and baking of cakes an ongoing process(I had the help of my two sons to do this --instant training was done-- I must say they came up to expectations indeed -- thank you boys), I began the tedious task of wrapping the minicakes.. then to my horror.. found that I could not just wrap the minicake as in the normal process.. Its because for the design on the fondant, I was using a textured rolling pin and in the process of wrapping the patterned fondant, the rose flower pattern got elongated and the due to the pressure, the mini cake became shorter... an ugly sight indeed... so had to try another method.. more precious time spent

We decided to wrap it in two separate pieces -- makes for a more cylindrical look .. looks much better but sooooooo much more work too... Real PANIC was seeping in. -- we were already going to bed only at 4 in the morning then

Three days left and we had ONLY made the first 100 mini cakes and the wedding cake was not done yet.

SOS calls went out and Adina and my niece, Salwa  again came to the rescue. When Adlina saw what we were trying to achieve, she declared that I had indeed gone crazy to agree to doing the mini cakes this way -- the sheer number and the details I agreed to ... that was Thursday...the 24 hours shift had begun the previous day...

Wee hours of Thursday, managed to wrap the top two tiers of the wedding cake (dummies); while my husband scuplted the pillow out of the stacked sheet cakes. Friday morning ... mini cakes going only into the two hundreds..... PANIC ALARM was sent out to Kak Yom begging her for her staff to assist. This godsend lady calmly told me that she is in the middle of an order herself and that she herself would come over later in the evening. Relief awashed everyone... we finished covering the last tier of the wedding cake and prepared for a long marathon.

Meanwhile, my niece Salwa came by to drop off the bead necklaces which I had asked to help me buy. Thanks Sawa and hubby Jimmi.

Kak Yom fulfilled her promise and brought three of her girls . Adlina also returned (also thanks to her hubby's understanding). Together, we ALL slogged through the night and by morning almost seven hundred was done . That was eight thirty Saturday morning and my god-send angels had to go home --- Our deep gratitute accompanied their departute and the three of us finished the wedding cake and the mini cakes while my two sons started packing the car. Then lo and behold , we failed the last challenge.. tried as we might, we just could not fit all the mini cakes plus the wedding cake into the MPV. We tried and tried and tried ..... but to no avail. By then , my husband only had three and half hours to make the long journey of over 350 km to the wedding destination -- down south to Singapore. The bride's sister was already calling....

Meanwhile, my brother also pitched in and found the blue bead necklace that I so very much needed for the wedding cake and my sister-in-aw Siti Fatimah went dowm to my regular florist and bought the fresh flowers for the wedding cake.  Thanks ... both of you.

Last but not least, thank you Vivian. I cant elaborate on what she did for me but suffice to say that I owe her big time... thanks once again.

Finally, with God's grace, we reached the wedding just as the first guests were coming in. The mini cakes were recieved with a big 'WOW' and the wedding cake amazed even the photographer...

All in all... we survived the ordeal .. many lessons were learnt. But it would not have been possible at all WITHOUT my friends, Adlina, Kak Yom and her 3 girls, Evi, my two sons, Afiq and Azri and last but not least my beloved husband, Yusoff.. Thank you , thank you all from the bottom of my heart..

WIll I do it again ... YES, I will .. crazy yes.. but rewarding... so Yes I will... but a little wiser the next time I hope.

Last of all, congratulations to the bride and groom, Fadzlon & Ansari and thank you for the opportunity and experience...

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